Birding and Beaches in Port Townsend

On May 17, 2018, the Natural History Society sponsored a two-part day of birds and beaches at North Beach, first experiencing songbirds and then exploring the intertidal zone during a minus tide. All were welcome to join one part or both!

Naturalist extraordinaire Ken Wilson led an enjoyable two-hour saunter in the North Beach neighborhood and adjacent Chinese Gardens Lagoon (Fort Worden) to closely observe and interpret the spring  activity of our common songbirds as they establish their breeding  territories. He also taught us some easy ways to identify  birds by their songs.

Beginning at 11:00 am, beach naturalists Nan Evans and Wendy Feltham led a two-hour search for marine invertebrates, such as nudibranchs, crabs, anemones, and chitons.

We suggested bringing cameras, binoculars, field guides, appropriate footwear and clothing, and your lunch.  Eileen at was the contact for any questions.