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Let’s Look at Moss!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMosses are everywhere in our parks and forests; we find them covering fallen logs and rocks, growing up the trunks of trees, and hanging from branches. We’re so used to seeing moss in the background that we don’t pay much attention to it.  At first glance the mosses in the forest may all look alike, but they’re not!


On February 20, 2016, Pat Rothman joined members of the NHS for a two-mile walk and a closer look at these tiny, fascinating plants.

Way leaved cotton moss 2We talked about the characteristics of different mosses, such as leaf shape, growth pattern and specific location, so you can recognize some of the most common ones in our area.

It was an easy walk, but the trails were muddy. We recommended bringing a hand lens.


Pat at jltnatural@saveland.org  was the contact for details. Participation was limited.


An Outing to the Duckabush River

IMG_4692On October 24, 2015, the Natural History Society members Dave Rugh and Pat Rothman led an outing to explore two Jefferson Land Trust properties: the  Duckabush Oxbow Preserve and the Duckabush Wetlands Preserve.

It was an easy walk over uneven terrain. The Duckabush River provides spawning and rearing habitat for trout and salmon, and many animals and birds inhabit the area. This is an excellent place to look for signs of elk, bear, beaver, owls, woodpeckers, and ducks.

We brought cameras, binoculars, our favorite field guides, lunch, and water. Pat at jltnatural@saveland.org was the contact for details.