October 2015 Book Selection

wild treesThe JLT Natural History Society book club selection for October 2015 is The Wild Trees by Richard Preston.

The club will meet on Monday, October 26, from 3:30-5:00. Please RSVP to Jean at jltnatural@saveland.org  for information on the location of the meeting.

Richard Preston’s nonfiction story of exploration of the canopy of tall trees (mostly Sequoia sempervirens in Northern California) is both an adventure story and a description of a new field of botanical research.  The explorers are young, college-age students who share a passion for the trees. These amateur botanists ignore the common wisdom that “there is nothing left to discover in North America.”  They master tree-climbing skills, and enter a world where humans have not been before.

Preston’s tale of some of the world’s tallest trees includes chapters on tall trees in Washington State and in Australia.