Devils Lake and Forest

Join us on Tuesday, June 30 for an outing hosted by the Natural History Society, the Native Plant Society and the Northwest Watershed Institute.

655Meet at Quilcene Forest Service Center before 9 am. We will visit one of the rarest forest community types in Washington — mature Douglas fir, western hemlock, evergreen huckleberry and Pacific rhododendron are the featured species. Only eight significant examples of this forest type have been identified in Washington.

791We will also spend some time at the Devils Lake fen/bog to see wetland species including a rare sedge, sundew, bog bean, bog laurel, etc.  Devils Lake is a fascinating site which has been preserved as a Natural Resources Conservation Area by the Department of Natural Resources.

Peter Bahls, Director of Northwest Watershed Institute, will also update us on the current effort to expand the Devils Lake Natural Area to protect the entirety of the rare forest at this site as well as protect the most recently discovered site of this rare forest community at Lemonds Road on the Coyle Peninsula.  Because of the sensitive nature of the fen habitat the number of participants on this field trip will be limited. Rubber boots are advised.

Contact Fred Weinmann to sign up or for further information: