May Book Club Selection

HoldfastThe Natural History Society Book Club will meet at 3:30-5:00 pm on Monday, May 25, to discuss Holdfast: At Home in the Natural World, by Kathleen Dean Moore.

(From the Back Cover)

With the finely honed skills of an essayist, the heightened sensibility of a naturalist, and the carefully reasoned mind of a philosopher, Kathleen Dean Moore examines our connections to what we hold most dear. In a quest for the metaphorical holdfast – the structures at the end of seaweed strands that attach to rocks with a grip that even ocean gales cannot rend – Moore seeks to understand that which affixes her firmly to family and place. In twenty-one elegant, probing essays, she meditates on connection and separation: the sense of brotherhood fostered by communal wolf howls; the inevitability of losing our children to their own lives; her own mischievousness as she takes candy from her unwitting students on Halloween; the sublimity of life and longing in the creatures of the sea; her agonizing decision when facing her father’s death. She is joyous, playful, and mournful. As Moore travels geographically – from the Oregon shores to Alaska – and philosophically, she leaves no doubt of her virtuosity and range.

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