Experiencing birdsong


Please join us at 7:00 pm, Thursday, June 5, for an exhilarating multimedia excursion into the nature of birdsong by veteran educator, ecological field guide, and bird expert Ken Wilson.

The mysteries of birdsong have long delighted and intrigued humans. Observers of nature have pondered questions such as the purposes of singing and calling, whether birds have a sense of music—or sometimes sing simply for the joy of it—and why some birds don’t sing at all. In his presentation, Ken will share recent scientific insights on the functions and ecology of birdsong, including examples from the Olympic Peninsula’s diverse birdlife. He will also explain ways to improve the ability to recognize birds by enhancing listening skills. “Regardless of your experiences as a naturalist, improving your ability to distinguish the ‘voices’ of birds will deepen your enjoyment and knowledge of them,” he says.



Ken’s personal and professional focus on the natural world spans nearly 50 years.  His background includes earning a Bachelor’s degree in neurobiology and animal behavior from Cornell University, and a Masters in applied science engineering (water resources) from the University of Washington.  He has conducted field studies in arctic, temperate, and tropical ecosystems, ranging from Alaska and the Western states to Hawaii, and participated in numerous projects focused on birds. He has taught natural-history-related classes in public and private schools, lectured at the college level, and worked as a field ecologist guide for Elderhostel educational travel programs. He has shared his experience and teaching wisdom in a nationally available book, Tools for Energized Teaching, published in 2006. A resident of Port Townsend for more than a decade, Ken has been a frequent contributor to the KPTZ “Nature Now” program and an enthusiastic leader of outings for local organizations.

Ken’s evening presentation will be followed by local birding  trips on Friday, June 6, and Saturday, June 7. Details and the opportunity to sign up will be available at the presentation.

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This event will take place at the Cotton Building, 607 Water Street, in Port Townsend.

Open and free to the public, with a suggested donation of $5 to help defray costs.

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