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Dosewallips Spring Walk

Early spring is a lovely time to explore the Dosewallips River.

The Natural History Society gathered on March 15, 2016, for a 3.5 mile hike along the Steam Donkey Loop in Dosewallips State Park.

Craig Romano, author of Day Hiking Olympic Peninsula, says this is “an especially attractive hike. Offering glimpses of the Dosewallips River, passing by tumbling creeks, and traversing quiet stands of tall timber…”

Some people extended the walk by adding the 1.5 mile Maple Valley loop. Unlike most of our outings, this was a hike without a leader. It was a day to explore the natural history of an area most of us don’t know.

We suggested bringing field guides, lunch, and water, and dressing for the weather. Oma at jltnatural@saveland.org was the contact for information.